Young Professionals of Color Conference

YPCC 2016 Participant

YPCC 2016 Partipant

Where Diversity and Opportunity Collide

As Grand Rapids has grown, so have diversity and inclusion efforts from the business community. That’s why the Young Professionals of Color Conference (YPCC) exists.

What do you get when you combine aspiring young leaders with Grand Rapids’ thriving business community? Amazing opportunities, as we’ve seen every year since 2012.

YPCC creates a space for young professionals of color to gather and engage with peers and leaders in the Grand Rapids community. The conference encompasses fresh and innovative sessions that engage young professionals and offer career-changing and inspirational business advice. Leaders from our community and well-known speakers share their insight, knowledge, and expertise, helping future leaders navigate their way through their professional careers.

As a supporter of diversity and inclusion efforts in West Michigan, we invite you to partner with us to ensure diverse talent development and retention in the region.

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