Truck and Bus

Our work in transportation proves that the road to success really is paved with good intentions.


Truck & Bus

With a focus on people and the planet we drive on, we’ve emerged as a leading partner to the Commercial Truck and Bus Industry. We are experts in large complex systems that require both structural integrity and aesthetic quality. We also design, engineer and manufacture systems that bring value by delivering multiple benefits such as part consolidation, weight minimization, and cost effectiveness.

As our largest business unit, CK Technologies works with all major OEMs to develop and manufacture products that encompass all areas of the truck and bus. We also provide full service capabilities such as finishing, assembly, and in-line sequencing.

Examples of what we produce:
Truck Exterior

Roof Deflectors
Splash Shields
Chassis Fairings Systems
Modesty Panels
Mirror Covers
Headlamp Bezels
Grille Bugscreens
Grille Assemblies
Fender Flares
Quarter Fender Assemblies
Fender Extentions Assemblies
Bumper Systems
Air Intakes

Truck Body Components

Grille Retainers
Fan Shrouds
3D Suction Blow Molded Tubes
Cowl Tray Assemblies
Battery Cover Assemblies

Truck Interior

In-Mold Decorating
Sleeper Control Panels
Seat Panels
Engine Cover Assemblies
Dash Instrument Panels
Cowl Panels
Scuff Plates

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