B Corp Recertification 2016

A Dramatic Improvement

February 17, 2017
Cascade Engineering
B Impact Report

We recently conducted our fourth B Lab assessment to maintain our B Corp certification. Our final assessment score was 141 points, which is a dramatic improvement from our three previous scores which were: 2014 – 89 points, 2012 – 88 points and 2010 – 93 points. These B Scores are all positive assessment scores (even a small positive score means that you are doing something good) and many companies, both large and small struggle to receive the passing minimal score of 80 points. The maximum score is 200 points.

The B Corp assessment is a rigorous audit comprised of five sections: Governance, Workers, Community, Environment and Customers. Our purpose for pursuing B Corp certification is as follows:

  • To provide us with an independent evaluation of our social and environmental impact
  • To learn best practices from other members of the B Corp community and give them the opportunity to learn from us
  • To help us identify opportunities to improve our societal and environmental impact
  • To support our belief in open communication and transparency which helps us to share our journey with all of our stakeholders
  • To promote, encourage and support other West Michigan companies in pursuit of B Corp certification

The B Corp certification recognizes companies that use the power of business to positively impact social and environmental change. Cascade Engineering is one of 2000 + businesses both large and small that have been certified as B Corps.

For us this certification represents an affirmation of over a decade’s worth of work creating a culture and strategy focused on sustainability, and our commitment to our Triple Bottom Line principals.

Our latest B Lab assessment score of 141 points could not have been possible without the hard work, dedication and contribution of every employee representing our Family of Companies. Thank you!

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