Business Units

Business Units

A Forward-Thinking Family

Meet the Cascade Family of Companies, a group unified by our purpose and shared belief. Separately, these seven companies bring us into new worlds and ways of thinking. Together, they represent a unified purpose and a mission to make the world better by the day.

Automotive Americas
Cascade Automotive Americas
By increasing efficiency, consolidating parts, and minimizing weight for greater fuel economy, we’re driving new ideas for the automotive industry.
Automotive Europe
Cascade Engineering Automotive Europe
From Budapest, Hungary, we supply automotive OEM’s in Europe with complex components and assemblies for vehicle interiors and fuel delivery systems.
Innovative Plastic Technologies
Cascade Innovative Plastic Technologies
Through diverse capabilities, multiple processes, and strong partnerships with customers, we help smart concepts become real products.
Cascade Cart Solutions
Cascade Cart Solutions
For residential and commercial purposes our sustainable waste and recycling containers combine with RFID to track and manage all operations.
Noble Polymers
Noble Polymers
The material makes a difference. Based on a product’s unique requirements, we’re able to meet the need for high-performing, eco-friendly, cost-effective compounds.

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