Cascade Engineering Receives Workforce Development Award

West Michigan Works awards Cascade Engineering

December 15, 2015
West Michigan Works Advocate Award
West Michigan Works Advocate Award

West Michigan Works recently presented their Workforce Development Board Advocate Award to Cascade Engineering in recognition of our advocacy on behalf of people with life challenges that affect their ability to find and maintain employment. We are honored to be selected for this award since the criteria required for consideration and selection closely parallels our culture and beliefs as follows;

  • Demonstrates awareness and knowledge of the issues/challenges faced by individuals, especially as it pertains to work.
  • Takes action to address and eliminate barriers that prevent individuals from securing or retaining employment.
  • Works collaboratively to develop solutions to barriers, especially in trying to stimulate changes in policies, practices or systems that will help reduce these barriers in meeting the needs of individuals or groups of individuals.
  • Educates employers, community groups and the community in general with the work-related realities faced by people with life challenges and what action they can take to help.  This education may include practical, morale and legal rationale on why this is “the right thing to do.”
  • Demonstrates passion and compassion through the advocacy.

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