Fred Keller Receives MMA Lifetime Achievement Award

The Michigan Manufacturers Association (MMA) honored Fred Keller with the 2017 MFG Lifetime Achievement Award on November 9th in Lansing, MI.

December 6, 2017
Cascade Engineering
Fred Keller Michigan Manufacturing Association Lifetime Achievement Award
Fred Keller

This award honors an individual who has excelled in the industry and inspires their peers, emerging leaders, lawmakers and educators to strive to make significant contributions to their company, industry and community.

In accepting the award Fred stated, “Manufacturing is one of the most exciting and interesting things that anybody can choose to do. There is this tremendous opportunity we have to positively impact our communities in many different ways. The community is where we will find our future workforce and it’s been most rewarding for me to see the human spirit thrive when given an opportunity to explore manufacturing.”

Fred Keller Michigan Manufacturing Association Lifetime Achievement Award GroupMark Miller – President and CEO said, “Fred has created this wonderful culture that attracts folks who believe you can work somewhere and live up to your values while conducting business. He is a source of encouragement for us to continue doing this meaningful work with our employees and community.”  



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