Jo-Anne Perkins Featured in Waste Dive

Women in Waste: Cascade Cart Solutions' Jo-Anne Perkins on her Pink Cart passion

March 28, 2017
Kristin Musulin
Jo-Anne Perkins
Jo-Anne Perkins

Jo-Anne Perkins, vice president of environmental systems and services at Cascade Cart Solutions, is no stranger to effective business and entrepreneurial tactics. However if you ask Perkins her key to success, she'll light up with laughter and a simple response: "I'm a goofball."

Perkins' lighthearted nature is attributed to one of the most valuable lessons she's learned as a successful business woman: to be self-confident. With this confidence — and her connections at Cascade — Perkins founded The Pink Cart, an initiative to raise money for local American Cancer Society chapters with unique refuse bins. 

Waste Dive caught up with Perkins to discuss how she entered the waste industry, her drive to become an entrepreneur and her vision to turn curbsides across the nation pink.

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