Product Development

Product Develper

Giving Form to Great Ideas

From original concept to final production, we bring ambitious design visions to life.

Product development at Cascade Engineering is a disciplined process that’s integral to our daily operation. Powered by creativity and a passion for problem solving, we design and develop large parts, complex designs, aesthetic finishes, structural performance, and sustainable materials. Not only do we work closely with our customers to engineer and manufacture their designs, we also design, manufacture, and market our own products.

Product Concept

From automotive parts to iconic chairs, industrial equipment to consumer goods, we come alongside customers to set a vision for what a product or part could be. Once we know the functions and objectives, we’re able to provide solutions quickly, efficiently, and within scope.


From concept to completion, we keep customers in tune with every detail. We lean on precise quoting, PMP-certified managers, delivery tracking, and cross-functional teams to ensure transparency and active communication throughout the product development process.

Computer Aided Design (CAD)

Our in-house design staff is proficient in the latest CAD software and can translate both to and from any CAD software package used today. From the simple to the most intricate, our team can model a product for its real world use, while benefiting from direct access to our manufacturing team.

Virtual Simulation

Simulation means lower development costs, a better management of risks, and a product that gets to market faster. Using the latest tools, we’re able to evaluate possibilities and answer critical questions before a product ever reaches the real world, ensuring better, more predictable outcomes.

Material Development

The material makes a difference. That’s why our dedicated, in-house team offers material analysis, problem solving, reverse engineering, development, testing, specification, selection, and replacement. From our laboratory that’s certified to A2LA standards, our Material Engineering Group (MEG) works with spectroscopy, microscopy, mechanical, and thermal analysis equipment to formulate ideal material solutions.

3D Printing and Prototype Technology

See it and hold it—before it’s manufactured. Our 3D printing and prototype capabilities provide sample parts big or small, simple or intricate. Knowing the importance of time, we can do this very quickly, often within days.

Process Engineering

With a breadth and depth of engineering experience, our process engineers focus on the design and control of a product’s manufacturing. A collaborative mentality allows our team to identify or develop the best process for the project at hand.

Work Cell Development

Based on lean manufacturing principles, our work cells have been developed to support product, process, and production. Equipped with the latest robotics and automation technology, we’re able to increase quality and output while using part validation to control low PPM defects.

Product Testing

How will it perform in the real world? Will it stand the test of time? These are the types of questions we answer through a wide range of tests, including impact analysis validation, material validation assessment, thermal shock, and more.

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