RFID Connected Products

Where durable material meets the latest technology.
RFID Retro Tag

Retro Tag

The Xtreme Tag Retro is one of Xtreme RFID's smallest and most robust encapsulated tag options. No tools or fasteners required for installation, since the Retro’s clip engages the mounting surface to provide a robust attachment, minimizing labor costs for implementing your asset tracking solution.

RFID Snap Tag

RFID Snap Tag

The Xtreme Tag Snap-In provides resistance to strong impacts, high pressure, outdoor use and a wide range of chemicals which are typical of industrial environments. 

RFID Connected Products
By embracing technology, we're imagining what's possible

Years ago, we received a request to create an RFID tag for two-wheeled residential recycling containers. We learned the application, tested designs, and developed a tag to meet the stringent requirements of the municipal solid waste industry. Extreme temperatures, seasonal weather, multiple impacts and substantial vibration—they were all accounted for. Once designed, the RFID tags snapped into position and assets could be tracked at a moment’s notice.

It began with RFID tags, but today we’re exploring new and ambitious ways to combine injection molding with the latest technology. From asset management to smart sensors, we’re thinking up new ways to help business run faster, smarter, and more efficiently.

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